Fairhope Designs™

Fairhope Designs™ is a lifestyle brand creative studio, that collaborates with inspired individuals living in the Fairhope area, to produce custom one-of-a-kind designs, that express the unique sense of belonging to the community we admire and appreciate. 

What began as our intense love for “all-things-Fairhope”, has grown into a lifestyle brand consisting of apparel and accessories.  Those who display our designs identify themselves as someone who is more obsessed with their Fairhope experiences than the average city dweller or visitor.  

Are you a Designer?  Our free to join Designer Profit-Share Program, provides an opportunity for you to earn money from your designs.  Being a part of Fairhope Designs™ costs you nothing.  We handle the product production, website, and conduct marketing, and you spread the word about your designs to those you know.  The more popular your designs, the more money you will be able to make!  Interested individuals can apply by sending an email to Hello@FairhopeDesigns.com